Proyecto de inversion Supermercado Consun en Murcia


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INVESTMENT PROJECT: SUPERMARKET CONSUM IN A NEXT TO CITY (MURCIA) The investment includes the acquisition of a property located in a municipality of (Murcia) and leased to the Consum Supermarkets distribution cooperative. The seller offers the referred property with a tenant of great attraction for the buyer on said property there is a rental contract with a major food distribution chain in full expansion - Consum Cooperativa-. The annual rent under contract is € 212,947.68 Commercial premises built surface: 1850.43 m2 + 410.24 m2 + 435.42 m2 Covered parking in basement: 1,040.32 m2 Annual income to be received by the investor / lessor: € 212,947.68 + annual CPI I start contract; 2011 signed for 30 years. Annual profitability.ATRACTIVOS OF THE INVESTMENT: Single transaction by dimension and characteristics. Tenant of the highest quality. High monthly rents The property subject to investment is located in a privileged place, in the center of a major city of Murcia, on one of its main avenues, in a fully consolidated area completely surrounded by housing. The project also has a large parking lot exclusively for CONSUM customers. Taking into account that it is a property of a considerable size it supports very tight community expenses in comparison with other properties of similar proportions. (278.80 € / month) Cost of the investment: € 3,549,128.05


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